Samantha Hill


Sam specialises in a variety of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including Botox and Dermal Fillers.

She has trained in a range of procedures at the Prestigious Dr Bob Khanna training institute over the last 7 yrs and as a Dental Therapi st Sam has an in depth knowledge of facial anatomy and a keen eye for imperfections.

Sam has an open and warming approach to her patients and takes great pride in being able to help them achieve their goals in a comfortable environment.

‘Helping patients feel better about themselves is one of the best things about delivering facial aesthetics and with facial fillers the results are instant so patients leave feeling instantly happier with their appearance’

Dr Kylie Mouton-Manhem


Dr Mouton-Manhem’s facial aesthetics treatment aims to rejuvenate a youthful and natural appearance. She is trained in treatments such as anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers with cheek contouring, jaw line contouring, chin augmentation as well as enhancing lip volume and shape to reveal natural looking results. Dr Mouton-Manhem is also known for her ability to listen to her patients and make them feel at ease during treatment.

She is a dental practitioner with 9 years of experience with a special interest in non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures. Dr Mouton-Manhem attained her training and qualification with Derma Institute and is planning further in depth training to attain her Level 7 Qualification as a Facial Practitioner.

Attaining your desired appearance can require a combination of treatments which Dr Mouton-Manhem will discuss in detail during your first free consultation.