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Rebecca's Diary

Over the years I have noticed my lower and upper teeth becoming crooked and out of alignment. They have also become harder to keep clean and staining is more noticeable. So, for both cosmetic and hygiene reasons, I had a consultation with Dr Pedro Goncalves who is one of our dentists. The Inman Aligner and Clearstep orthodontics were the recommended option.

Day 1

I was very keen to get my appliance fitted so I could get the process started. The Inman aligner felt a little bulky to my tongue but was very comfortable. My speech was a little impaired but with only a slight lisp.

Day 2

Whilst cleaning my teeth the odd one or two felt a little tender but I had an undisturbed nights' sleep.

2 Weeks

My lisp has improved and I can see a noticeable change in the position of my teeth, even in this small amount of time. It's very exciting!

6 Weeks

I have had regular review appointments at approximately 2 week intervals, to monitor my progress with the aligner. Some minor inter proximal reduction'swere made (this is a technique that makes space for the teeth to move by shaving tiny amounts from the sides of the teeth, using the dental equivalent of sand paper!). This procedure was completely painless and I didn't need to have an anaesthetic and it has no damaging effect on the teeth. Comparing my before pictures with new ones that we took at my last review I can really see a difference!

Treatment complete!

afterAfter wearing my Inman Aligner for only 16 weeks by bottom teeth are now straight! I am completely delighted with the result, they look fantastic and cleaning between them is now so much easier.

To stop my teeth shuffling back to their original position I have been fitted with a fixed retainer – this is a thin wire attached to the back of my lower teeth to keep them straight. I have also treated myself to some teeth whitening as I’m now much more confident smiling than I was before, and I can’t wait to start straightening my top teeth in the new year!