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After many years of feeling self conscious about how crooked my teeth were; I am now thrilled with the final position after my Invisalign treatment. Ziad kept me informed throughout the treatment and I did not feel pressured at any point. The treatment was far quicker than I expected. Very few people noticed that I was wearing the retainers and it not pose a problem at work. It is worth every penny! - Jo

I have just had 10 veneers fitted by the remarkable Dr. Mete Ucer. I am a very nervous patient with an extremely low pain threshold who ended up having the last treatment of fitting the front 6 veneers with NO pain releif. A testament to the skill and experience you only get in the top 1% of dentists.

I suffered badly receding gums previously and very sensitive teeth but after treatment with Dr Ucer's hygienist and most recently the cosmetic work I feel like a magic wand was waved. My smile is amazing, it has changed my life.

I did my research and even the price was incredible, I can not say enough. The most professional, friendly, reassuring dental experience I can imagine..I wanted a natural smile and I have not stopped grinning since. - Matthew

What lovely people, service and perfect dental work with results that for me are first class. Mete Ucer provided perfect professional advice and created a result with my smile that took skill and artistry. I now have the smile I always wanted.
- Tom

Ziad was fantastic from the start of my treatment to the end. I am over the moon with my lovely straight teeth. Throughout the process Ziad kept me informed of everything, always remembered what was going on my life and was generally brilliant. I am so glad I chose Notley Dental Care for my Invisalign treatment. Thank you very very much. - Emily

After giving up smoking two years ago I decided to have three veneers fitted to cover stained and damaged teeth, due mostly to 40 years of smoking. Mete did a very professional job and my teeth have never looked better. - Michael

I was greeted with the most amazing team that have given me a fantastic re-aligned set of teeth, that I know show off proudly. I had Invisalign braces, composite build up and whitening. From day one I have been treated so professionally and welcome into the Notley family with open arms. - Victoria

It's been quite an epic journey, but thanks to the care and attention of the team at Notley, its been a pleasant one. I can't describe what the treatment has meant to me and the difference it has made to my confidence and daily life. Every step of the way I given the guidance and reassurance that I needed to get to the amazing smile I have now. I cant thank the team enough.
- Alex

Absolutely superb treatment and care from the start. I had some childhood dental work (root canal, post, crown etc) that needed urgent attention and the staff at Notley were excellent throughout. Particular thanks go to Dr Seymenoglu, who was first class. Highly recommended! - Niall

'After years of having very wonky teeth on the bottom and the top I decided to start the Invisalign treatment. It has been worth every penny! My teeth are now straight and white. The treatment from Ziad was wonderful, he is a lovely man and was great all the way through. I would urge anybody who is thinking about it to go for it! You won’t regret it'
- Sally Anne

'I have recently undergone a treatment to correct a large gap in my upper front teeth. Having been under Ziad’s care for some time now I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him – he is a kind, patient and extremely talented dentist. Since the work he completed on my front teeth I have so much more confidence – the care and attention he took made me feel totally at ease throughout the process and the results are incredible. Even I cannot tell where my old enamel ends and the new begins. Ziad is a perfectionist and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have finally found a dentist that I totally trust and look forward to seeing!' - Olivia

'Dr Ziad and Notley Dental Care offered a very professional and flexible service, including late evening appointments to work around London commuting. I am very pleased with the results of my Invisalign treatment which took just over a year. The aligners are virtually invisible. Friends and colleagues did not notice I was wearing a brace at all. I would highly recommend this treatment and clinic.' - Catherine

'It has been a long journey to get my smile to where it is today. But due to the professionalism, dedication and kindness of the entire team at Notley Dental Care, I am now smiling with more confidence than ever' - Dale

'Having noticed that my teeth were looking rather dull and discoloured I decided to look into teeth whitening options.
I am really pleased with the results Zoom Whitening has given me and I can smile with confidence again!
Thank you to Samantha and the team at Notley Dental Care.' - Anabel

'Nobody likes attending the dentist, but if you have to, I can’t recommend Notley Dental Care highly enough. From the minute you walk through the door you enter a calm atmosphere.

I was under the care of Dr Manhem Ucer, and from the start of my treatment for a bridge to be fitted, to the final visit, he and the dental nurses made me feel completely at ease, the treatment was painless and the result is amazing.

I have a new found confidence and haven’t stopped smiling since.
Thank you Dr Manhem and your wonderful team. - Carol'

'I had gone through orthodontic treatment as a child at age 10 which took approximately 18months. Now at age 30, I had been concerned regarding movement of my upper front teeth. Although probably not noticeable to others, it began to affect my confidence. I came to see Dr Seymenoglu for a discussion on the Inman Aligner brace.

Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and I decided along with having the option of a dental plan, to go ahead! We discussed a possible 6 month treatment plan, but amazingly the treatment was complete in half the time! I am so happy with the final result and will be back next year for my lower set!

Thank you so much to Gizem and her team. Very happy and smiling client! - Naomi'

'Due to an accident my front teeth had, for many years, looked unsightly and with age had become much worse.

Being apprehensive about any treatment I had put off, for far too long, having anything done. Having talked about several options with Dr Ali and gaining confidence in his expertise and calm approach, I decided to go ahead. Everything was clearly explained, so I knew what was involved and what to expect. I had 3 crowns and 4 veneers.

What an amazing difference. I am absolutely delighted with the fabulous result, and can’t stop smiling.
Thank you Dr Ali and all the team at Notley for your caring approach and kindness. '

‘Wow! I had my teeth whitened using the Zoom system. I am incredibly happy with the result. It has increased my confidence and now I am constantly smiling.

Thank you everyone at Notley Dental Care for being very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Notley to everyone'.
- Karka

‘Having had dental treatment abroad a year later the bridges fell out. I was panic stricken as this involved the whole line of upper teeth.

I visited Dr Manhem for a consultation of what could be done to rectify this. Fully explaining the process and the time scale involved to rectify the poor dental work.

I am now here eighteen month later writing this review very happy with my new teeth and the extremely friendly caring treatment I have received from all the staff at Notley Dental Care. It has been a fantastic journey together.' - Sharon

'I made the decision to get a very large gap closed in my front teeth! It was a hard decision as everyone on my mother's side has one. Dr Manhem was fabulous he made me feel so comfortable and the results are everything I dreamed of and more!! I cant stop smiling and grinning. I've gone from hating my teeth to loving them so much. Forever grateful' - Holly

'I am absolutely delighted with my new front teeth! After years of grinding they had become misshaped and unattractive, which meant I was self conscious in front of the camera. Now they have been built up and look fantastic, the whole process was pain free and I feel great. Thank you very much (said with a big cheesy grin) ' - Jo

'I am a very nervous patient and had a massive hole in my tooth I really didn't want to come in but I rang and made an appointment.

I sat in the waiting room feeling hot and nervous. I was called in, explained my problem and closed my eyes. I DID NOT feel a thing; I was shocked when Ziad said right the injection is done. Then the filling was done. All over and can honestly say it was pain free. Thank you so much Ziad. It's never a nice thing to have to go to the dentist but I most definitely wont be as scared next time.' - Fiona

'I was very pleased with the service I received for my recent crown work.

Ziad Ali has a calm and reassuring manner and takes great care to ensure that the patient is comfortable before continuing with treatment. I am perfectly happy with the finished product and was also very impressed with the standard of modern temporary crown used, which was a significant improvement on my previous experience of this type of work.' - Philip

'I was unhappy with my front teeth and conscious of them when I smiled, so I decided to talk to my dentist, Dr Manhem Ucer.

After a lot of investigation by Dr Manhem, he suggested the best solution for me would be to have four crowns and four veneers.

All the way through the procedure he explained in detail what needed to be carried out and why. His attention to detail was second to none and he would not except anything less than perfection, where possible.

I now can't stop smiling and the only regret I have is that I didn't have it done years ago.

I would highly recommend Notley Dental Care to anyone who is thinking about having a similar procedure.

Lastly, I would like to give an enormous thank you to Dr Manhem and the staff at Notley for making the whole experience such a pleasurable one. ' - Sarah

'I am so pleased with my new veneered front teeth. For the first time they do not overlap and match beautifully.
Thanks to the care and attention to detail given by Dr Manhem in the practice and Stuart in the dental lab. I am more confident now, and smiling more! ' - Judith

'I had a crown replaced and a veneer replaced by a crown, on my two top front teeth. I have been very impressed by Dr Manhem’s patience and care and particularly his attention to detail to ensure a perfect result. I now enjoy looking at a mirror and smiling more. ' - Fiona


'I am delighted with the results of my dental treatment.  Dr Manhem and his team have worked hard to achieve a perfect alignment of my teeth' - Barbara


‘What can I say – visiting the dentist will never be the same again. I wouldn’t go anywhere else’ - Phillipa

Over the past few years, my top canine teeth had started to protrude more and more, something which can apparently happen with age. I had become incredibly conscious and mentioned it during a check up with Dr Manhem.

After a consultation, I agreed to try something called an Inman Aligner, a removable device which works like a brace but if worn constantly, can produce ultra fast and truly remarkable results. I managed to wear it for between 16 to 20 hours per day and it took a little over 12 weeks for my top front teeth to become truly transformed.

After the initial few weeks of wear, my teeth became "loosened" and gradually the Aligner started to move them back into position, something which was noticeable almost on a daily basis. It was so exciting!

Mine was not a straightforward case as one of my front teeth has a crown, but I am utterly thrilled with the results. I no longer cover my mouth when I laugh and my confidence has shot through the roof!

The care I received from all the staff at Notley during my treatment was second to none and I would urge anyone with a similar problem to consider this incredible piece of technology as a solution. It has in short, been a life changing experience.

Thank you Notley Dental Care - Jane

I damaged two of my front teeth in an accident a few years ago and had crowns fitted at the time which were quite bulky and did not match the colour of the surrounding teeth.  It recently became apparent the roots were also damaged and implants were the only realistic option. 

 I cannot praise Dr Manhem and his team enough for the outstanding job they have done to transform my smile.  Not only do the implant crowns perfectly match my natural teeth in colour and shape but the team has made me feel comfortable throughout this lengthy process.  I would highly recommend Notley Dental Care for dental treatments and implants in particular.  I am absolutely delighted with the results that Dr Manhem and his team have achieved. - Daniela

Yes I did it!

I am completely satisfied and would recommend to anyone to go ahead with crowning and implant treatment, to be able to smile again without that awful gap or horrid looking shaped tooth!

My two implants, bone improvement and porcelain crowns are worth every penny. A very big thank you to Dr Manhem and Dr Manhem for their skill and care whilst doing the work. Thank you both, Fantastic! - Ursula

As a child I suffered a traumatic accident breaking my front teeth and causing them serious damage. I never got the full treatment I needed because, unfortunately, I then developed a phobia of going to the dentist as well as huge self-consciousness due to the damage to my front teeth.

It took quite a lot of courage to approach Dr Manhem for a consultation, but I then embarked on a roughly 2 year journey to have dental implants, which included surgery and many visits.

Throughout this time I was given the utmost care and quality treatment. Both Dr Manhem and Dr Goncalves have been highly sensitive, caring and professional and both have exceptional skills. For someone who had always had a difficult time with dentists and who, psychologically, found that having treatment brought back memories of my accident, this care was very meaningful. I cannot adequately describe how it felt to be undergoing this transformation.

The work that Dr Goncalves and Dr Manhem have done has resulted in me being more confident, smiling much more and feeling completely different about my past experiences. When I look at photos of myself before the treatment compared with now, it is almost like looking at two different people. I feel very fortunate to have had such quality care, a fantastic job! - Emma

I lost my 2nd front teeth in an accident, I had crowns, plates and last of all a bridge, all from the age of 9 years.  I had implants and it has transformed my smile.

I am delighted with the end result, thank you to Dr Manhem and his team. - Jane

Having had bad treatment from a previous dentist I was nervous about having the remainder of my dental work completed.  I am pleased to say that my teeth now look and feel wonderful.  I have been looked after in a relaxed and professional way with everything explained regarding my treatment.  I now feel confident about visiting the dentist and my trust in dentists is restored.

Thank you. - Claire

Having been born with several 2nd teeth missing I have had dentures since my teens (I’m now over 50) and then had a bridge fitted in my early 30’s (by the NHS)  Having recently lost 1 adult tooth and a baby tooth I decided to have implants this time.  How wonderful.  A little uncomfortable at the start, once the front teeth were fitted they felt so natural as if they’d been in my mouth always.  I can’t recommend implants highly enough and plan to have more in the future.

Thank you to everyone involved. - Jo

Worth every penny!  It is around 2 years since I had veneers on my front teeth and I am absolutely delighted with the result. 

I hated my teeth and smile beforehand but the finished result has totally transformed my smile and given me so much more confidence.  The whole process was quite lengthy but done with much care and patience and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Manhem and his team. 

I will be getting married in the near future and will actually look forward to the photos! - Sian

It is now 2 years since I had a full course of treatment for a full lower implant denture.  This included extractions, a bridge and then the implants. Thanks to the skill of Dr Manhem and his team and with some work on the upper appearance it has given me a completely new look.

I would certainly recommend this course of treatment if it is recommended to you. - Dennis

Having had braces before when I was 12 it has given me so much confidence to have braces for such a short time to correct my teeth.  Highly recommend it!  Brilliant team and now have a brilliant smile.
- Sally

Having completed a course of treatment for front implants, I would honestly recommend going through the process.  The results are amazing and Dr Manhem worked so hard to achieve the best possible outcome.  Yes, there was discomfort and it all took a while, but I would not hesitate to encourage others to go for it.  My only advice would be to keep a sense of humour throughout and enjoy the newly found confidence in the end result, (being able to smile again without being self conscious!) - Alison

Finished a long course of treatment (bridge, implants & crowns) Dr Manhem and his team were fantastic throughout.  Attention to detail second to none, resulting in an absolutely brilliant smile.

Everyone went out of their way to help me relax at every session.  I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Thanks to all. - Andrew

Many thanks for the care and craftsmanship that has gone into my four new crowns and one implant.  I am delighted with the results, and would challenge anyone to be able to tell which are the new teeth, and which are my own.  As well as looking better I now have no sensitivity or niggles when I eat.  Fantastic. - Rachel

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