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At Notley Dental Care we consider commitment to the use of advanced dental equipment a vital tool in our consultations and treatment.

With the latest technology we can explain dental conditions and make proposed treatments easier to understand.

Laser Dentistry

The appearance of your smile can be dramatically  improved by shaping your gums using a dental laser. The laser allows us to safely and comfortably remove excess gum tissue that may give you a 'gummy' smile.  As there is no bleeding during or after the procedure healing is very rapid and pain free. 

  • Sterilising root canals during root canal therapy
  • Treating cold sores, ulcers and promoting tissue healing


All our dentists work with magnification to improve the quality of their treatments. For more complex procedures we also use a microscope to further improve the accuracy.


The TrueShade provides instant, correct and consistent daylight ensuring that we have natural light when choosing the colour for your restorations

Digital Cameras

In complex cosmetic cases we sometimes need to improve the communication with our dental laboratory. By sending a picture we increase their understanding of the case.

Computer Imaging

A digital photograph of your smile can be taken and manipulated on-screen using a special “Before and After” solitaires. Together we can design the image your ideal smile. This is a fantastic tool to visualize how your smile can change.

Intra-Oral Digital Cameras

With these special video cameras you can see exactly what the dentist sees. It gives you the opportunity to see potential problems occurring in your mouth for yourself. It is also an effective tool to help explain the best way to solve these problems.

Digital X–rays

Our practice uses the latest digital x-rays systems. By using advanced technology, this can reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to by up to 90%.