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Health and Safety at Notley Dental Care

At Notley Dental Care your health and wellbeing are always our top priorities. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilisation that conform to the latest national cross infection regulation HTM 01-05.

Dedicated Sterilisation Room

For the safety of all our patients and staff we observe strict guidelines. Sterility has always been our highest priority. We have a dedicated sterilisation room for carrying out the decontamination of instruments and equipment away from patients and other treatment rooms.

Our sterilisation room is equipped with an Ultra Sonic Bath, which in conjunction with the Autoclave completes the cleaning and sterilisation of dental instruments to meet the standards set by the government.

We use disposable items wherever possible. Tray systems ensure that all contamination is contained. We operate a sequential sterilisation system, ensuring that sterile instruments never come into contact with non-sterile items. Surgery surfaces are disinfected between patients using antimicrobial solutions, effective against HIV, hepatitis and all common viruses and bacteria.

Staff training

All of our staff are fully trained in our strict protocols, which also includes stringent hand washing and disinfecting regimes, and wearing fresh gloves and masks for each patient procedure.

We have used the Bioclear system in our waterlines for many years. This is an effective disinfectant biofilm remover for dental water lines, which kills all harmful viruses and bacteria ensuring that all water sprays in our dental units are safe.

Key Points

  • We conform to the latest Cross infection regulation HTM 01-05.
  • Purpose built sterilisation room; no instruments are cleaned or sterilised in the surgeries.
  • Highly trained staff with strict hand washing and disinfection regime.
  • Fresh gloves and masks are worn for each patient procedure.
  • Wherever possible we use disposable items.
  • All surgery surfaces are disinfected between patients.
  • Bioclear disinfectant used in our dental units to ensure safe water sprays.